Here we are Game Six of the 2020 NBA Championship. This has been a most interesting series, particularly from the standpoint of the Heavy Favorite not having closed it out yet. However, most people have underestimated the Miami Heat and their in credible toughness. Before this series started I said that the Lakers deserve to be heavy favorites because they have the TWO HEADED MONSTER IN Lebron and Anthony Davis. All that as to happen is for those two to play at a High Level and one or two role players to step up and play just a bit above average. That certainy happened in game Five. KCP played very well scoring 16 and Lebron and A.D. scoring 68. That would normally be enough for the win. But……..somebody forgot to tell that to Jimmy Butler and the Heat to not play as well as they did.

Lebron had a monster game scoring 40 pts. 13 rebs. and 7 assists. A. D. contributed 28 points 13 rebounds. This would normally result in a win. However, Jimmy Butler had even a bigger MONSTER game with 35pts. 12 rebs. and 11 assists. In addition, Duncan Robinson scored 26 pts. and Tyler Herro 12 points. Additionally, it seemed like every point those two made were at super critical times. There was one more “kind of” contributor…Bam Adebayo. “Kind of” because his cotribution was far below what he is capable of. He missed four dunks right at the rim and only snatched 4 rebounds.

So now we shall see what happens in game six . If you are a Laker fan you are probably hating extending this series. But, if you are a TRUE BASKETBALL fan you will love this series going to perhaps a seventh game!!!!!

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HoopCityNews.com…UPDATE…Game Two Analysis

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HoopCityNews.com…..THE NBA FINALS

Well, after all kinds of pitfalls and hurdles, the NBA Finals is finally here. With COVID-19 forcing the stoppage of all games on March 12th, the NBA finally decided to move its entire operation to Disneyland. Better known as the “Bubble,” teams had to be isolated, quarantined, and were not playing in front of their beloved fans. Throughout all of these challenges, we are finally down to two teams: The Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Even though this configuration of the last eight games of the regular season followed by the Playoffs, we did see some exceptional performances and some stars being born. Donovan Mitchell and Jamal Murray came into their own with an array of 50 point games and a superb clutch play in the semifinals of the Western Conference. Jamal continued his outstanding play in the Western Conference Finals against the Lakers, but it just wasn’t enough to get by the Lakers. In the Eastern Conference, the Miami Heat also provided some up and coming players that will have an impact in the years to come. You have to start with Bam Adebayo. Bam had, what I consider, the greatest block in the history of the Playoffs. When you throw in the two sharp-shooters, Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson, they will undoubtedly have an impact in the coming years.

Now, let’s get to the game. The Lakers are heavy favorites in this match up. However, it will not be easy. Of course, the two-headed monster of Lebron James and Anthony Davis is tough to beat no matter who they face. If those two are on, all they have to add is Rajon Rondo, Kyle Kuzma, or Alex Caruso to chip in with just a tad above average game for them to win. If two or all three chip in it’s usually a blowout. As I said it will not be a walk in the park. First, the Heat are very well-coached. Erik Spoelstra has been a stellar coach for some time and already has two championships under his belt. He is absorbing all the coaching strategy that Pat Riley has taught him throughout his career. The Heat Roster is made up of prime time players that could explode at any moment. Bam Adebayo has emerged as one of the best four centers in the League. He defends like non-other and has enough of an offensive game to keep Davis and Lebron very busy. Dwight Howard and Javale McGee are no match for him. It will take a team effort. When you add the two sharpshooters Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson (the Eastern Conference version of Steph Curry and Klay Thompson), the Heat are very formidable in blowing a game wide open or coming back from a major deficit. All this, not to mention Jimmy Butler and Goran Dragic who are very dangerous, particularly Jimmy Butler in the 4th quarter. One more thing, the championship pedigree of Andre Igoudala is always valuable especially defending Lebron. So this will be a very close final and will not be easy for either team. I can’t wait!!



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HoopCityNews.com : UPDATE….. Great Win by Denver…But the Eastern Conf. Playoffs Even Tighter

Denver finally played without Fear and showed what they are capable of. I said going into the finals that the Nuggets cannot afford to have stars in their eyes and allow the Lakers to intimidate them, which, I think, happened in the first two games. When you consider that Nikola Jokic , Lamar Murray, Michael Porter Jr., and  Jerami Grant were all in high school when Lebron James, Anthony Davis, Rajon Rondo were starting their careers, the Nuggets players idolized the Laker Veterans and when they finally met them in these playoffs, they had stars in their eyes and did not play like they did against the Clippers. Particularly Micheal Porter Jr. He came up particularly small in the first two games. Now that Nuggets have gotten over that star gazing, I believe we are in for an epic series. The Key players Jokic, Murray, and Porter Jr. finally played relaxed and were very productive. Jerami Grant came from practically nowhere to be a Huge impact in their win last night. Let’s see if they can keep it going. Their  defense was superb even in the tight 2nd game they lost. This 4th game should tell us a lot regarding who will be the eventual winner. Keep an eye out for Playoff Rondo. He has been exceptional even making threes.

As for the Eastern Conference Finals, these teams are very evenly matched. Great young players and a super stud on each team (Tatum and Butler) The coaches are two of the best young coaches in the league in Eric Spoelstra and Brad Stevens. The tipping point one way or the other is whether Jimmy Butler decides to be aggressive from the tip (not just the 4th quarter) and…if Gordan Hayward’s return will make a big difference. It certainly did in the last game. So a lot of excitement and anticipation in both series. Fasten your seat belts for a fun ride whoever you are rooting for.

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HoopCityNews.com…UPDATE….RADIO BROADCAST: Preview Eastern & Western Conference Finals

RADIO BROADCAST: Preview Eastern & Western Conference Finals. Just click on the Arrow and Enjoy.




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HoopCityNews.com: UPDATE…Eastern & Western Conf. Finals

What a Eastern Conference Finale.  Both teams have the BEST remaining coaches in the Playoffs. Brad Stevens-Boston….Erik Spoelstra- Miami.  I guarantee neither one of these teams will lose because of their coaches making a glaring mistake as was the case with the Clippers. Both teams are evenly matched and have strengths and weaknesses that almost match each other. The heat play more of a conventional game and rely less on the three. Whereas the Celtics have multi-talented offensive players that can hit the three from anywhere. And don’t forget the Celtics might have all-star Gordan Hayward back before the finals.  The heat have a stellar defense that simply smother teams and get them out of their offense. Bam Adebayo has come into his own as a Superior Big Man. Bam probably had the the Greatest Block in NBA PLAYOFF History.This will be an epic series.

Going to the Western Conference finals. The Lakers-Nuggets match-up could also prove very entertaining. The one thing I would caution the Denver Nuggets with do not get caught up in the movie star hype. All the main players from the Nuggets have grown up seeing Lebron James and many have seen Anthony Davis. The Nuggets do not need to have stars in their eyes when they go into this match-up. They weren’t intimidated by Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, and Lou Williams and simply took their game to the Clippers.

The only problem the Clippers had was the ineptitude of Doc Rivers losing the RHYTHM of the game. That is to say, that when the momentum changed in this series , Doc had no clue what to do about. He was literally like a deer in the head lights. Example: Calling a time out when their 19 point lead shrunk to 11 and imploring his team to go back and play the way they did when they got that 19 point lead. NOOOOOOOO !!!!!!! When you are losing that kind of lead and the entire momentum belongs to the other team….YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR GAME!!!!!! For example, those who play or watch Tennis and see a player who has a stellar serve and volley game, its simple, boom your serve in and come to the net and put that return away for a point. However, if your opponent is whizzing missiles by you left and right for points…..YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR GAME  at least for the moment.  Doc, should have tried some different defensive strategy  (maybe a zone, box and one, or trap at the half court line) at least, for the moment. This will disrupt what Denver was doing to simply slow that momentum down or take it away.  But he didn’t do that. In fact, he didn’t do that in all the series he lost were he was UP 3-1. That was Three series in different years. Now one might say, but Doc is a Champion having won in 2008. But he had FOUR PLAYERS that would not allow him to make that kind of mistake. Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, and Paul Pierce. They were veterans who knew about not losing ….THE RHYTHM OF THE GAME. Talent and depth wise, this should have been the Clipper’s year. The inept coaching kept them from it. Would have loved to have seen a Lakers-Clippers Western Conferance Final.

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HoopCityNews.com…..UPDATE….HoopCityNews RADIO SHOW Recap of Wednesdays Games

Just click on the arrow and listen to the show




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HoopCityNews.com…UPDATE …Radio Broadcast (Wednesdays Games)

Games played Wednesday….RECAP

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HoopCityNews.com…UPDATE: Jamal Murray-vs-Donovan Mitchell resulted in the Biggest Scoring Showdown in NBA Playoff History

These two young players certainly showed the Basketball world a scoring binge that has never been seen before. But before going into their scoring exploits, please keep in mind the kind of DEFENSE they played in that final game. Both were held below their playoff averages Murray going 7-21 (33%)  and Mitchell going 9-22 (40%) Each team played excellent defense on these record scoring phenoms, and late in the 4th quarter they actually defended each other at times not allowing each other any room to operate. That’s impressive.

The incredible display put on between Jamal Murray and Donovan Mitchell in Round 1 of the 2020 NBA playoffs wound up being a historical one.

That’s because the ultra-talented duo combined for 475 points, the most scored by two opponents in a playoff series in NBA history.

Murray and Mitchell took the record away from Jerry West and John Havlicek, who, in fairness, had their own unbelievable shootout with slightly higher stakes at hand, in the 1969 Finals. The two Hall-of-Fame ball-handlers combined for 463 points in that series, 12 fewer than what Murray and Mitchell just put up.

The other highest-scoring playoff series duos all likewise took place in the 1960s and ’70s – Bob McAdoo and Elvin Hayes in the 1975 conference semifinals (461 points), Elgin Baylor and Bob Pettit in the 1961 division finals (461 points) and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Rick Barry in the 1977 conference finals (450 points).

The most recent duo to come close to Murray and Mitchell’s mark was Allen Iverson and Vince Carter, who went off for 449 combined points in the 2001 conference semifinals.

What’s craziest about Mitchell and Murray breaking the record is that they did so even with extremely subpar – by their heightened standards –  Game 7 performances, with the former scoring 22 points on 22 shot attempts and the latter producing merely 17 points on 21 attempts.

Had the tandem gone off yet again in Game 7, they would have left the previous all-time mark even further in the dust.

As is, Mitchell’s 254 points in the series were the best scoring mark for a player in a playoff series since 1977, when Abdul-Jabbar dropped 260 points in the conference semifinals.

Mitchell also now owns the record for most three-pointers made in a single series with 33. Two players are tied with him in the No. 2 spot for that record: Stephen Curry (who did it twice) and… Murray, from this same series.

In the end, Mitchell and Murray will be linked forever for the otherwordly scoring displays they put on this year, with the Utah Jazz man scoring 57 points, 51 points and 44 points in three of his team’s playoff outings, and the Denver Nuggets guard putting up 50 points, 42 points and 50 points in three consecutive contests prior to Game 7. (That’s good for 47.3 points per game which he did on 64.2/62.9/88.9 shooting splits, for those keeping track at home.)

But it will be Murray who will be remembered more fondly, since it was his outrageous – and clutch – scoring that led Denver to a playoff series victory over Mitchell and Co., despite the Jazz holding a 3-1 series lead at one point.

Regardless, hat’s off to both gentlemen for the insane bucket-getting show they just gave us. It’ll be fun to see what Mitchell and Murray, both of whom are still just 23 years of age, have to show us in the future.

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HoopCityNews.com…UPDATE…LUKA…LUKA…LUKA !!!



Luka Doncic hits a game winning 3pt. shot in overtime to beat the Los Angeles Clippers. With :19 seconds remaining in regulation he actually scored to put the Mavs ahead by 2 points on a driving layup before  Marcus Morris putting the Clippers up by 1. Then came THE MOMENT……Luka getting the ball behind the arc and and nothing but net. BAMMMMMMM !!!!! And he did it with a severely sprained ankle !

Series is now tied 2-2.


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